Julian Marley JuJu Royal Ultra Premium Cannabis

Greatness Comes From Passion

Julian Marley, son of the iconic Bob Marley… Is a true and authentic representation of Rasta.  A world renowned reggae artist and devoted Rastafarian.  Julian conveys his message of legalization, freedom, and love through his music, and the JuJu Royal brand.


Our medicinal herbs are grown naturally and proudly delivered with the JuJu Royal seal by master growers that love excellence.


Our extracts are finely crafted for a vintage world class quality experience, using the best solventless technology.


There is no formal, organized leadership in rasta, creating a wide variety of spiritual and moral variation within the religion.

Some Rastafarians see Rasta more as a way of life, and others see it more as a religion. Nevertheless, uniting the diversity within the movement is belief in the Divinity and messiahship of Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie I, the influence of Jamaican culture, and pride.

In African heritage, the Rastafarian lifestyle usually includes ritual use of Marijuana, avoidance of alcohol, the wearing of one’s hair in dreadlocks, and vegetarianism.

It’s our love for Nature’s way.

One Love!

Giving Back

Compassionate care. 1% of our proceeds are distributed to the Weed for Warriors project.