Orders are processed during business hours Monday through Friday.

Shipments may be sent from different parts of the United States.

CBD products can only be shipped within the United States, US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. Some CBD products may also be shipped to the United Kingdom. If attempting to purchase from another country there will be no shipping options given and therefore purchasers will not be able to checkout.

Purchasers are responsible for understanding the expectations of your chosen shipping method.

Delivery times will vary and tracking may or may not be available depending on the destination country and chosen shipping method.

Remote delivery and fuel surcharges may be included in the total shipping price depending on the destination.

Shipping rates may be based on volumetric (or dimensional) weight rather than actual weight

If outside the United States we highly recommend selecting the “USPS Priority International” shipping method for the best delivery experience. “USPS First Class International” has been provided as a lower cost shipping method, but the delivery time may be significantly longer (7-21 days on average).  Tracking may or may not be available based on the destination country.

Purchasers outside the United States will be required to pay all customs and duties fees imposed by your country.

For more information about shipping methods please visit the links below.

USPS Domestic Shipping
USPS International Shipping

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