Educating elders about CBD can be difficult because CBD is something new and has been given more credibility and recognition in recent years. JuJu Royal blogs are a great way to stay informed and up-to-date about all things #cbd.

Here is a list of tips for educating elders about CBD:

  • Change perspective – understand what the elders you are educating believe about CBD in order to form a strategic and productive approach to teaching about the topic.
  • Relevance – consider how CBD is relevant to their specific age group.
  • Make it personal – share your own experience with CBD in order to help the elders build trust with the product.
  • Do the research – when researching information about CBD, try to include experiences of people from the same demographic as the elders so they can learn from their own peers, and be sure your information is reliable.

The only thing between “here” and “there” is knowledge. Sharing information is a great way to help others, especially elders, fully experience the benefits of CBD. A recent survey found that, “9% of seniors have tried CBD for health-related reasons and 51% of those that have tried it reported having an improved quality of life afterward.” The CBD community is for everyone and has the potential to change lives.

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