Daily exercise helps the body reach its fullest potential physically, mentally, and spiritually. There are different ways people stimulate their body and manage their physical activity. An active lifestyle is directly correlated with well-being and improved quality of life. According to the American Heart Association, physical activity affects one’s mood and can be useful when trying to manage stress and anxiety.

Exercise has been connected to lowering blood pressure, boosting levels of good cholesterol, improving blood circulation, managing BMI, strengthening muscles, and preventing bone loss. Dr. Srini Pallay, from Harvard Medical School, acknowledges that exercise can be equally as effective as medications or psychotherapies. The mind and body are intimately connected, so the way one moves can also affect how they think and feel.

Meditative movement, the forms of exercise that use movement in correlation with meditative attention to body sensations, has been proven to be especially connected to the mind. Meditative movement focuses on the sensations of the body, positions in space, and gut feelings, which include factors such as heart rate and breathing. Qigong, tai chi, and certain forms of yoga are classified as meditative movements.

If practicing meditative movement, remember to focus on its essential elements, movement and body positioning, focus on breathing, try to clear your mind, and focus on achieving a deep state of relaxation.

How does CBD relate to exercise?

Exercising can cause damage to muscles and lead to inflammation in the body. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD help reduce inflammation and encourage the body to efficiently recover. CBD works through many different pathways in the body, which allows the CBD to target the inflammatory response at several different points in the process.

The JuJu Royal CBD Nano Repair Cream and CBD Comfort Salve are topicals designed to help the body externally and internally. The repair cream uses nano-encapsulated CBD oil to encourage maximum absorption, bioavailability and therapeutic benefits. The comfort salve can be used to specifically target areas of discomfort so your exercise doesn’t have to stop or change.

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