There are many different types of olive oil. EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) is oil produced from the first pressing. The production of olive oil begins with harvesting. The ripeness of the olives is one of the factors that affects the sensory quality of virgin olive oil. This makes the harvesting of olives important because it is directly correlated to the ripeness of the olives. Ensuring the healthiness of the olives, picking them from the tree instead of the ground and keeping the time short between harvest and pressing can help the overall quality of the olives reach their peak potential.

Olives should be pressed no more than 72 hours after harvesting (for EVOO). Crushing refers to the process when olives and their pits are crushed. The crushing produces an olive oil paste that must be mixed to encourage maximum olive oil production. The mixing process helps to isolate the oil. Only mechanical or hand pressing methods are used to create EVOO. Chemical processes are not involved when creating EVOO. Oil retrieved from the first pressing is the only oil capable of being EVOO.

It is advised when cooking with EVOO to heat it gradually instead of all at once to prevent it from rapidly burning. EVOO is a versatile dish and is commonly used for cooked and fresh dishes. EVOO is a common ingredient found in Mediterranean dishes and is often used for salad dressing with the addition of a few other ingredients.

You can add EVOO to your ingredient list without feeling guilty. Studies have shown that EVOO can improve the nutritious content of food because its antioxidants are not easily broken down by heat. The antioxidants are, therefore, more easily absorbed by the food being cooked and can help preserve the nutrients of the food. EVOO contains natural oxidants, such as oleocanthal, which is a natural non-steroidal and anti-inflammatory compound. Check out our various flavors of CBD infused and non-infused JuJu Royal EVOO, a dynamic ingredient that your kitchen needs!

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