Sleep is one of the most essential functions of the body that restores and revitalizes it physically, mentally, and emotionally. Healthy sleep equals a healthy life. How much sleep one needs depends on factors such as their age and the status of their body. Quality of sleep impacts body functions such as memory and immune health. Diet and lifestyle are directly correlated with quality of sleep.

CBD is a new product on the market that is currently being researched and investigated in regard to its ability to help increase the quality of sleep. CBD is an anxiolytic, which means it reduces anxiety. Anxiety is one of the main causes for sleep problems. Anxiety disorders often cause more sleep reactivity and lead to stress sourced sleeping problems.

The impact of CBD regarding sleep depends heavily on the individual. A review from 2019 concerning the impact of CBD and THC on sleep concluded that cannabinoids could improve quality of sleep, decrease disturbances during sleep and the amount of time it takes to fall asleep. The possibilities of CBD such as reducing inflammation, pain, depression, and anxiety all support its ability to improve quality and experience of sleep.

The primary receptors of the endocannabinoid system are CB1 and CB2. When CBD interacts with certain receptors it has the potential to affect the sleep/wake cycle. The sleep/wake cycle refers to the five sleep stages, which are further divided into two parts – REM and Non-REM sleep. Non-REM sleep is the portion associated with dreaming. JuJu Royal has a wide variety of products such as gummies and tinctures that are convenient for consuming before sleep.

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