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In collaboration with Trunity, the Expandable Zip Function (EZF) cap is designed to fit and benefit individuals with an abundance of hair. The zip function panels reveal the red, gold, and green rasta colors when unzipped. The snapback also has an elasticated function to expand the cap further.

Made from synthetic NON-leather sustainable materials: Carbon fiber and Brushed steel black synthetic leather. 100% VEGAN MATERIAL – no animals are used nor harmed in the manufacturing of the cap.

  • 50% Polyurethane, 40% Polyester, 10% Cotton
  • Vegan
  • Synthetic Leather
  • Expandable Sizing
The EZF cap starts at approximately an adult size 8 without any adjustment of the snapback. To put this in perspective the maximum size of a typical adult adjustable snapback cap is approximately 7-7/8. The Trunity EZF cap starts here and expands further through the use of the adjustable elasticated snapback and top zippered panels.
About Trunity

Trunity commands no race nor religion.

Trunity recognizes and respects all people, all races, all color, all forces that are true and respectful, all energy that is positive and reflects positivity.

Trunity is built to create concepts through passion and talent, to identify a need and opportunity that shows progress and growth.

A brand that progresses through its beliefs and overstanding of culture, peace, righteousness and a common respect for one love.

A positive Spirit.


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